BinSync for Collaboration

Reverse things together! IDA to Binja; Binja to Ghidra; BinSync makes reversing together possible!

Quick Start

What is BinSync?

BinSync is a collaborative reverse engineering platform that synchronizes reverse engineering artifacts, like variable types, across decompilers and debuggers in real time. BinSync is built on Git, which allows you to track and share your reversing progress in a version-controlled manner.

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Binja Sync!

Git-based Reversing Tracking

Every change you make in your decompiler is tracked with Git. For every Artifact you change, you get one commit, which allows you understand progress in a fine-grained notion. You can use this same functionallity to review knowledge in the form of a PR.


What You Sync Is What You Get: You are never forced to take changes from anyone else pushing to the same repo. Every user is their own branch, which means you only take changes that you explicitly ask for! Never again will you be forced into conflict merges or data destruction.

Synchronize in Realtime

Though BinSync is built on Git, we utilize a scheduling and thread system to get updates from other users in near-realtime. As soon as you see data poppulated in your BinSync Control Panel, that data is ready to be synced into your decompiler.